Inflight Beauty Routine

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in flight beauty routine

It’s Beauty Tuesday and I’m bringing you all the tips to keep your skin look fresh during those long flights. I was inspired to write this post because obviously this was my little in flight routine. I may have oily skin but I am always making sure that my skin is well moisturized, moisture is key guys whether it comes to your skin or hair. The air in the airplane is dry so if you want to look fresh and well rested after a long flight here’s a few tips:

  1. Clean your face: It’s simple carry your face wipes and remove your makeup, many brands have travel size packs, the one in the pick above is a sample I got they are by Clinique. Also love the Target brand and Burts Bees. Don’t want to buy a travel pack, grab a few and put them in a ziploc bag, just make sure to seal it well.
  2. Moisturize: Now that your face is clean spray on your hydrating mist, I love Caudalie’s Grape Water so I am using it and it is simply divine. I’ve also used this one by Evian.
  3. Seal in moisture: You can do so by applying your moisturizer and face oil, in my case I just apply by oils of life by the Body Shop all over my face. Amazon sells these great little travel bottles kits for toiletries. If you can wear a moisturize with SPF even better.
  4. Don’t forget your lips: I personally have dry lips so I always Vaseline with me, nope this is not sponsored I really use it on a daily basis.
  5. Protect your hair: My hair is prone to dryness so I never have it out while traveling, in the plane it’s a great idea to grab a cute silk scarf and wrap it like Keiko did here.

Before Landing…

  • Repeat step 1 again and wipe your face
  • do an eye mask, these are more subtle no need to go serial killer on everyone lol.
  • This part is solely up to you, if I’m landing late I usually just don’t apply anything else, but if you have to be somewhere or just want to be glammed up just do your favorite quick makeup routine.

When you get off that plane you will look like you just got off the spa.

Bon Voyage


PinksoleOOTD :: Office Style