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I know I’ve said this before, but prior to getting a pricey item I do a whole lot of research. I’m often unhappy with what I find on the internet, so I’m making sure to do a review just in case this item was on your radar. This one was an easier purchase because my sister already had that bag so I knew exactly what it looked and felt like.

First this a simple cross-body bag, the leather is soft and it’s honestly the best on the go bag. While soft, it does maintain its shape.

The zipper does have this big tassel that I personally love, I don’t usually like bags with big logos or anything really but I didn’t mind the double Gs embossed on it. They do stand out but I like that it’s the exact same color and material as the rest of the bag.


The strap is adjustable to fit your height, I never change mine and for reference I’m 5.4. Here’s a post with me carrying it here. I wear mine pretty low, don’t ask me why.


If I’m in a rush I can fit my regular big wallet in it. But in order to fit more stuff I usually use a smaller wallet. All the items in the pic below fit perfectly in it. This is a small umbrella by the way, not a regular size one. I usually have a little makeup pouch, my hair pick, portable charger and phone.

gucci-soho-leather-disco-bag-review-5 gucci-soho-leather-disco-bag-review-6

I honestly cannot think of a single con for this bag, it is quite pricey but it has gone on sale before. You just have to act fast because it usually sells out in no time. It come in an array of colors, ALSO tons of brands have a dupe of it and I will link to a few below at a more affordable price point. If you have any more questions, let me know and I will update the post.

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PinksoleOOTD :: Office Style

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