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Happy Friday! So you guys may have noticed that I have a thing for flats, I still love heels but refuse to wear them on a daily basis. Once I realized that I get way more wear out of my flats, I seriously started focusing on them more. I think I got maybe 2 pairs of heeled shoes so far in 2016, which is huge for me. If there was no such thing as a budget all of these would be in my closet. So let me go through my favorites and how I like to wear them.

I tend to wear mines with fit and flare dresses, skinny pants or jeans and A-Line skirts.

  • I personally feel like pointed toe flats are the fanciest, this leopard and bow flats would look so cute with skinnies. I also love this semi loafer version, perfect for jeans. This one provides just the right amount of toe cleavage, yes that’s a thing.
  • My second choice is an almond toe, like the varina by Ferragamo. if you have wider feet these may be more comfortable to wear. The pair well with anything really, all my pants and jeans have a skinny or cropped fit. I’m not sure I would like them with wide leg pants or jeans, for these types of bottoms I say just wear your heels girl. Love this classic one with the scallop details and I’m a sucker for red shoes.
  • Since I have my basic flats, now I am often eyeing the statement ones, I am crushing hard on this, this and so much more really.

So do you wear flats?

Now let’s talk Nordstrom Anniversary sale for the LAST TIME, at least until next year. Here are a few things I picked after my original order, because obviously no one just place one order.

Here are a few pieces I wish I could have picked up but damn budget. I am really sad to not get the Tumi voyageur backpack at such a deal, it is full price everywhere else. It’s the perfect travel bag.


PinksoleOOTD :: Office Style
Pink Door

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