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And we’re back, this is the third installment of our Summer Travel Survival, if you missed my two previous post go here and here. This week is all about Summer travel survival. You won’t here any complaints from me, I am so looking forward to my upcoming vacation to Hawaii and my trip is now 3 weeks a way and I’ve been working on my itinerary and of course mentally packing. I am headed to Maui, it’s my first time there and I plan on beachin’ it, hiking, do the Road to Hana excursion, explore and eating all the yummy local food. I did a great job at packing for my last couple of trips so I thought I’d share in advance what I plan on bringing with me. I usually make a list of every single thing I need to bring and this time I am sharing it with you. I did some research as far as checking what the weather will be like and what people who’ve been there recommends.

First Travel Outfit

First and foremost let me go over my travel outfit, I’m a low key traveler and comfort is my #1 priority. I never advise anyone to wear leggings but if you’re going to be on a plane for a while it is a must in my opinion. I have a nice shoulder travel bag that I cherish but I’m opting for a backpack this time because my bag tends to be heavy. This one has a spot for my laptop, camera and all the little things I like to carry with me, it also doesn’t look like I’m going hiking or I’m in junior high. It’s the perfect balance between functional and cute. I will be stuffing my neck pillow in it as well.

comfotable travel outfit
In my Backpack & Suitcase

My jewelry, small purses and electronics are always with me, so they will go in my backpack. One thing I heard about Maui is that it’s windy so I’m not bringing dresses, most of mines short. I am however bringing one maxi dress, that is very simple and easy going so I thought it would be great for dinner one night. For that same reason I’m bring my denim shirt and field jacket, depending on how windy it gets I may grab on or the other. I don’t really plan on wearing jeans but I’m bringing one pair just in case.

I’m bringing a few not so revealing cover-up that I can keep on for more than the beach. I have this one, paired with my gigis I’m good to go. For bathing suits, I’m bringing a combo of one pieces and my favorite string bikinis. Activewear is necessary for road to Hana, and plain black sneakers because I heard it can get muddy and I really don’t want to mess up my regular workout sneakers. Shorts, camis and tees will be on heavy rotation. I am bringing a cute romper to wear to a Luau on my birthday.

As far as accessories, I’m bringing 2 sunglasses one for the beach and another for regular activities. My small chloe marcie will be my going out bag, kinda tempted to bring the gucci soho too. This camera bag will be my everyday bag because I plan on having my camera with me all the time just like in California. I must snap all the sunsets and outfits too. I’m bringing my caps that I usually use for working out, I’m sure some days I won’t want to fuss about my hair and my wide brimmed hat is for the beach. Most of all my hats will help protect my face because I got so tan this year.

I heard Maui is the land of flip-flops, so mine I’m bringing mine along with a couple gigis. I’m bringing just one pair of wedges, just in case we end up somewhere fancy.

The rest of the stuff will go either in my backpack or small/medium cases I have. I do plan on showing you guys how I pack my jewelry so I’ll be working on that post.

Last but not least I am for sure packing an umbrella, I heard Hawaii is just like Florida with the random showers.

packing list for Hawaii



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