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What to wear to a Summer BBQ Cookout 1

top // shorts // sandals // bag // fan // piña colada recipe

Hey guys! This is the last installment of our Summer series and it’s all about a BBQ/Cookout, it is hot here in South Florida and on the 4th of July I went to a BBQ and I almost melted. Thankfully I was dressed appropriately so let me share my Summer BBQ/Cookout survival tips with you.

WEAR: Shorts are a must, and I would avoid any heavy fabric, a loose top and sandals to complete the look. Also go for small crossbody and light makeup because you will probably sweat your face off.

COOL OFF: So at my last BBQ someone landed me a water fan and I swear she saved my life, it was so great to be able to just sit there with that blasting on my face. How amazing would it be to it with you to the beach on a hot day. Also if you’re guest or hosting making this super easy pina colada would be such a great treat for your adult guests.

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Lace, Studs, & Distressed
What's Up Wednesday + Office Style

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