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Hey guys! Today some of my blogger friends and myself started a Coast to Coast Summer Survival series, the first installment is all about surviving a Beach/Pool day. I tend to go to the beach more often and usually the only thing I am somewhat worried about is my HAIR. Even more so now that I wear it natural, I have really tight coils so I don’t want it to turn into a tangled mess and my low porosity hair is prone to dryness, needless to say that salt/chlorine water are my enemies. So this is how I get my hair ready for a pool/beach day.

Pre Beach/Pool:

  1. In my spray bottle I have a mix of water and this daily moisturizer by Thalia Waajid. Think 2 part water and 1 part moisturizer, I use this mix on a daily basis. So I spray this mixture in my hair to get it damped.
  2. I then apply my leave-in conditioner, I am currently loving this shea butter one by Savannah. The bottle is huge and it is worth every penny.
  3. I then seal my hair with Argan oil, I know most people prefer coconut oil but I found that lighter oils work better for me.
  4. I also make sure to fully detangle my hair, I just got this detangler brush and it is a game changer. It works for all hair types and I do notice less hair breakage when using it.
  5. I then proceed to do a protective style, I never wear my hair out at the beach, my go-to is the Halo Crown done with two flat twists.

Post Beach/Pool:

  1. First and foremost, I rinse my hair with water of course.
  2. I immediately shampoo and condition my hair. I just started using the Shea Moisture Low Porosity line and will report on that, but I’ve used and love this line my Verb that is very hydrating. I plan on alternating with the Verb and Shea Moisture line.
  3. I also always deep condition and use a heat cap to bring all the moisture back. Linking to my top 3 deep conditioner below.
  4. Then style as you usually do.

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Summer Neutrals
PinksoleOOTD :: Office Style