6 Color Combinations To Try This Summer
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Happy Hump Day! I usually try my best to remain positive throughout the week but this I just CANNOT DEAL! Ok venting over, I am very much looking forward to the weekend and happy hour on Friday. By the way my Chloe dupe sandals finally arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous, you are in luck because Nordstrom just restocked them, and of course I got them in tan.

I am sharing another round of what I wore to work, these are exact outfits I wear to work. Keep in mind you can see them all on instagram by searching the hashtag #PinksoleOOTD. If I inspire one of your outfits, feel free to tag me @Pinksole_Rach and use #PinksoleOOTD so that I can find you. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

I took a break from Loft because I was kind of disspointed in my last few purchases but this lace top is a winner.

how to wear lace top at work

lace top // pants // flats // bag // necklace // wrap bangle // watch

I’m very particular when picking out portofino shirts, and this shade of green is a beauty.

work outfit how to wear striped skater skirt

shirt // skirt // flats // necklace // wrap bangle // initial bracelet // watch

These are the best work pants, they are so comfortable and the color is so vibrant.

work outfit with plaid shit and cobalt blue pants

shirt // pants // flats // necklace // initial bracelet // birthstone bracelet // watch

I something ever happened to this striped shirt, I would order a new one IMMEDIATELY. I’ve worn so many version of this outfit.

casual friday outfit how to weaar white jeans

striped shirt // white jeans // sandals // necklace // leather bracelet // watch

6 Color Combinations To Try This Summer
Currently Craving

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