Favorite Products For My Natural Hair

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favorite products for thin and dry natural hair 1Since the beginning of 2016 I’ve been wearing my hair natural and everyone seems to love it more than my straight hair, to be honest I do too now. I went through a trial and error period to figure out what products worked the best for me. While my face is extremely oily, the rest of my skin including my scalp is quite dry. My hair is a sucker for moisture. I deep condition it once a week and moisturize it almost everyday. So this is the line up of my favorite products.

  • Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier: I use this as a daily moisturizer and I looooove it. I currently have an extra bottle in my cabinet. I do break it up with water because it is kind of thick, water should be the first ingredient in any good moisturizer and that’s the case for this one.The extra water just makes it easier to spray and I get more bang for my buck.
  • Living Proof Nourishing Oil: After my daily moisturizer I always follow with a light oil that doesn’t make my  hair super greasy. I tried several brands but this one by living proof does the trick. It has the perfect consistency and smells amazing.
  • Camille Rose Almond Jai: I also use this twisting butter that just does wonder for my curls. It is the perfect cream based product to complete my loc. Read more about the loc method here.
  • Savannah Shea Butter Hair Masque: I have several deep conditioners but this is by far my favorite, I do a deep conditioning treatment once a week after my wash. This is a salon brand product that thankfully is available on Amazon. My hair stylist introduced it to me a while ago and I live for it. I experience little to no breakage when using this hair mask.
  • Savannah Shea Butter Leave In: After my wash and DC, I usually follow with a creamy leave-in conditioner and again this brand has not disappointed me so far.
  • Taliah Waajid Co-Wash: My hair is super dry so in between weekly or even bi-monthly washes, I just use a co-wash and totally skip the shampoo.
  • Not You Mother’s Purifying Shampoo: To be honest all shampoos feel the same to me, I am mentioning this one because it is a great and inexpensive purifying shampoo that I use like once a month. I will totally buy it again.

If you have any more questions about any of these products or my routine feel free to ask.


A Classic Combo + Giveaway
#PinkSoleOOTD :: Office Style