5 Things to do in Puerto Rico + Q&A

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to-do-in-PRHey guys! I was only in Puerto Rico for a weekend so this list is not very long. We did however had a blast and I am for sure going back for a longer trip someday. It is the perfect place for a nice, relaxing and fun vacation. The locals are so friendly and made us feel right at home So if you’re ever in Puerto Rico, here’s a few spots to keep in mind.

  1. Bacardi Tour: They have several packages, we did the mixology and had blast making some signature drinks and most of all drinking them.
  2. Visit Old San Juan: I see you guys loved the location of yesterday’s post well they were all taken there. There’s so much to see and cute shops. I got some all natural soaps and body lotion while I was there, they smell amazing. Make sure to check out the Forts as well.
  3. Cafe Puerto Rico: While in Old San Juan have some amazing mofongo there. The food was oh so good, the restaurant was packed which is a good sign in my opnion.
  4. Brunch at Pinky’s: My oh my! I totally overate there, the food was not only amazing but it was oh so cheap. Do yourself a favor and get the iced latte that is made with brown sugar. YUM!
  5. Beach Day: Seriously, while you’re there take a morning or afternoon off for some fun in the sun. It is so worth it.

I was excited when Helen from Borrowed & Blue, the online resource for planning Miami weddings, approached me to answer some questions about my style and interests!

“Pinksole is a South Florida must-follow blog. Rachelle has such a great sense of style and a great eye for chic, wearable pieces that I always envy. I think her voice is so relatable and fun—and I especially love how honest she is about all of the different products and brands she tries. Rachelle is local to Miami, so if you’re looking for an awesome SoFla fashion guru, look no further. I was so glad to be able to ask Rachelle all my questions about her sartorial style, plus her favorite places to shop, eat, and hang out in the area!”

– Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s Miami Market Specialist

Here’s my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:

  1. Describe your style in 7 words or less.

Feminine, basic, classic, colorful, practical with an edge

  1. How did you get started in the blogging world?

I was just talking about it with my sister one night because I was following so many blogs. We came up with the name that night, next you know I was buying my domain and creating my site on wordpress.

  1. If you were going on a last-minute trip and could only pack 10 items, what would you bring?

Jeans, shorts, striped tee, barcelona cami, black romper, Sam Edelman gigi sandals, heels, utility jacket, bathing suit, chloe crossbody.

  1. Who are your style icons and why?

My style icon is a fictional character created by Patricia Field, miss Carry Bradshaw (read all about it in this post). I also love Olivia Palermo and stylist Monica Rose.

  1. Your outfits (and makeup!) are always on point. Do you have any favorite places to shop locally?

To be honest I am a hard core online shopper, my favorite stores are Express, J.Crew and for department stores I love Saks, Neiman and Nordstrom.

  1. Describe your daily beauty routine.

I am really serious about skincare, for me that’s the most important part and you can see my routine here. For beauty I usually apply a tinted BB Cream, and light touch of powder. I use a highlighter on my cheeks and nose. I use Anastasia Beverly hills brow pomade on a daily basis, as well as Diorshow Iconic waterproof mascara. I am a lipstick addict.

  1. It’s a Friday and you’re meeting up with friends after work. Where do you go and what do you do?

I usually hit Las Olas because there’s many good restaurants in that area and it’s not as crazy. I love dinner at Forks and Balls on a Friday evening.

  1. Name three of your favorite places to eat in Miami (bonus points if you have brunch recommendations!).

Yarbird, Gigi’s, Sugarcane. For brunch I’m usually in Fort Lauderdale so I’ll recommend Foxy Brown.

  1. Do you have any travel tips for out-of-towners looking to visit the area?

For sure I think it’s a good idea to stay in Miami but do plan day trips to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. I’ve lived in all three areas and they all have their charm.

  1. What sets South Florida apart from other places you’ve lived or visited?

The nightlife in South Florida is like no other. While I’m usually in bed quite early, during my college days I had a lot of fun.

If this is your first time visiting the blog I hope you did find this informative and thank you so much for reading.

A special thanks to Borrowed & Blue, the go-to guide for finding Miami wedding venues and more!



Striped Romper
#PinksoleOOTD Office Style