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Hi guys! So this post should actually be called skincare update, I can’t do these post very often because really my skincare/makeup routine doesn’t change much. When I find products that work for me I tend to not be open to new products. As a blogger once in a while I get offers from brands but honestly I’m never really opened to try new skincare products. I’ve heard about Korean skincare products like most of you probably, but I didn’t know anything about them so that was that. I was approach by a pr person to check out Sulwhasoo, I may not be open to change my face cleanser or serum but I did want to check out these masks because they sounded promising. A couple of days later a representative of The Body Shop offered to send me Oils of Life, after reading the ingredients in it I also decided to accept the gift. These product were gifted to me but I was not asked to review them. I decided to do so because I feel like I need to tell you guys because 2 of them now have a permanent place in my skincare routine.  Sulwhasoo is available at Nordstrom and many more big department stores by the way.

Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask: This is one of those mask you put on and peel it off, if you follow my snaps you may have seen me using it. I absolutely loved it, because when I woke up the next day my skin was just so fresh looking.

pros: The tube is pretty big so I know this will last me a while, as soon as I run out I am getting another bottle. I loved it!

cons: Honestly I can’t think of any for that one, you just look awful when you have it on but then again that’s the case with most masks.

Sulwhasoo Brightening Sheet Mask: I also tried this brightening mask and think that it did a great job at giving me that refreshed look.

pros: It’s a sheet mask that you can wear on either side, it left my skin radiant.

cons:  the price hence why I won’t be getting it again, but it’s one of the best brightening sheet mask I’ve used.

The Body Sop Oils of Life: This face cream blew me away guys, by the 4th day of using it I stopped using my tinted bb cream in the morning and only used a light setting powder to even out my complexion. I am not kidding!

pros: It’s affordable and filled with amazing ingredients. I am obsessed with this and will for sure buy it again.

cons: It makes my skin really shiny so I’m not looking my best when going to bed. It also has a distinct odor that doesn’t bother me but I do notice it.


#PinksoleOOTD Office Style
Wearing Lately

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