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So I am a little obsessive with my skincare routine because I had so many issues in the past. I love getting facials, but I now I get them maybe every 3 months in between I do my own thing and I wanted to share my steps with you guys. I made this post because I was doing my at home facial once and snapchatted the whole thing and Daphnee and Charnele made fun of all my steps, so I I figure maybe some of you might find this helpful in some way. So let’s do this!

  1. CLEAN. Always start with a makeup free face, my go-to makeup remover that I’ve been using for years now are pure cream by Origins and Burt’s Bee facial wipes.
  2. CLEANSE. Make up is off, now it’s time to clean up. I’ve tried other facial cleansers but always end going back to Check and Balances, it is the best and a little goes a long way. I recently picked up a Clarisonic and I’m loving it.
  3. EXFOLIATE. Next up, it’s time to exfoliate. I’ve been using this gentle micro dermabrasion named Modern Friction for years as well, I could easily be on my 20th jar/bottle. This is one product I never ever tried to find a replacement for, I love it and always have it in my skincare routine. I recently received the DermaFlash facial exfoliating device and I was very excited to review it. It removed dead cells and the soft blades also remove facial hair. So if you are trying this make sure to not run it over your eyebrows. Do yourself a favor and take the time to read the manual. Remember always RTFM (read the fucking manual), that’s just a little software development humor)at-home-facial-part-2
  4. TONE. Now it’s time to Tone it UP! I’ve used several toner over the year and honestly this is one product I’ve been as lucky with the drugstore brands as I have with the more expensive ones. Currently I am using one prescribed by my dermatologist. I know for sure I will go back to zero oil soon because with Summer around the corner and my very oily skin that’s the way to go.
  5. STEAM. See I am lazy and while you can steam by putting your face over a pot filled with boiled water, I usually just put a clean towel in very hot water, then over my face to open up the pores.
  6. CLAY MASK. Now it’s time to apply your favorite purifying clay mask, I’ve been using Clear Improvement for years and I have zero complaints.
  7. HYDRATING MASK. I am loving the Sephora sheet mask in Honey, it is very hydrating. For Christmas, I got this Moisturizing Mask by Caudalie and I am loving it as well. Another I would recommend, is Drink Up. You can tell by this post that I am big fan of Origins because their products have been very good to me and I never had a bad reaction to any of them.
  8. MORE HYDRATING. I don’t always do this step, but after my hydrating mask I often apply another layers of my Origins overnight moisturizing mask, this one is good for my dark spots. Hence why I use the line Dr. Weil Mega-Bright.
  9. EYE CREAM. I turned 30 last year so I finally picked up my first eye cream, mine is only to tackle my dark circles. I’ve been using it for a about 2 weeks, like most Origins products I don’t expect drastic changes all of the sudden, but having used Origins for years I know that the changes will be slow but permanent.


Disclosure: Dermaflash was gifted to me by a PR company, I didn’t have to review it but I choose to do so. I also did not receive any of my Origins products for review this is just a brand that I love that I’ve been using for years. I am also not a licensed professional, I’m just a girl that had a lot of skin issues in the past and figured out what works best for her πŸ™‚

Tropical Destination Packing List
School girl :: #HowIFall Link-Up

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