Best Lipsticks for Dark Skin
Chillin' in Venice :: #HowIFall Link-Up

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You may have noticed that there’s no resolution post here, well that’s because I don’t have any. As usual I am working towards my short and long term goals and I make improvements or changes throughout the year whenever I see fit. Last year I really wanted to make some changes fitness wise and during the beginning of the year I really struggled. I started BBG and overall changing my outlook on fitness and started seeing results (see my previous posts). It is not complicated guys, you have to treat your body with love and feed it healthy clean food. So this year if getting healthy is your resolution goal, I urge you to not take any drastic decision and do it on step at a time. If you are motivated enough to do it at home download Kayla’s app asap and give it a shot, or maybe start as simple as talking 3 long walks a week. My personal goal didn’t change, it’s to get 5-6 workouts in a week.IMG_5159

I know I make it sound easy but it does take some commitment. Meal prepping is time consuming, but taking the time to prep your meals for the week will not only help reach your fitness goals, but it will also save you money and that is one less thing to worry when you get home from work. I try my best to eat fresh food, in a future post I will samples of what my grocery list usually looks like. I have tons of recipes save up on pinterest, I have several boards where I save my recipes. My main tip is to know what you’re making before you hit the grocery store, so that you can only get the things you need.


If you guys follow my fitness Instagram account you know I love cute workout clothes. It really motivates me and I love feeling confident enough to go for a run in my sports bra. I leave in South Florida, it’s pretty warm here so that’s ideal. So just like you plan your outfits, plan your workout outfits as well. I love Gap because with their weekly sales it’s pretty affordable, but I also love Nike, Stella McCartney for Adidas. For shoes I am obsessed with Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 they are often on sale at Amazon.good and cute workout clothes for women1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8


Best Lipsticks for Dark Skin
Chillin' in Venice :: #HowIFall Link-Up
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