Christmasy Things

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Christmas is not always an all fun and cheery time for everyone, if anything it can be quit lonely. So it’s important to fill your holidays with fun activities and mini traditions to enjoy this time of year. Keep in mind you don’t need to be in a relationship or around family. Being with family is ideal but not feasible every year so I’ve always manage to do fun things that keeps me happy.

First and foremost if you have some time off and the funds I say travel, it doesn’t have to be an exotic location, this year I am spending a week in California and I am so excited. If that’s not possible there’s tons of other things to do. Me I like to catch up on some of my favorite movies, they are not all entirely around Christmas but I looooove these 6 movies and have seen them several times. I could easily watch them all back to back, last week I actually watch Someone like you and While you were sleeping.

favorite holiday movies

someone like youBridget Jones’s DiaryWhat If

While you were sleepingLove ActuallyThe Holiday

While watching these make sure you are wearing your comfiest pj’s.

And drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate, go all out and order the Serendipity frozen hot chocolate. I got mine at the Serendipity in Miami but you can order this baby online and have a cup whenever you please. Don’t forget the gigantic marshmallows.

If you are in the mood it’s also the perfect to work on your cooking skills, I have all my fave recipes right here. I also have boards for snacks, drinks, desserts and my favorite breakfast.

Most of all this is the perfect time to reflect, we all have our personal issues that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves and that’s normal. But over the years I’ve learn that the key to happiness at least for me is to be content and to practice gratitude. Life never goes they way we planned but nonetheless we have to make a conscious effort to be positive and to go on. So to all who experience holiday blues, I am sending you a giant hug and may you have a content and thankful heart this season.


Christmas Day Outfit :: #HowIFall Link-Up
Daily Find :: The Perfect Leather Saddle Bag