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Good Morning from Cali! As promised I am answering your questions, this year I couldn’t do a video due to lack of time. Thank you for your questions and I am always open to all of them. PS: keep up with me on Instagram and SnapChat (pinksole_rach).

I’d like to ask you how do you spent or save your blogging money.

R- Part of it goes towards the maintenance of my blog, but I hate to say a lot of it goes towards shopping.

I would like to ask you how far in an advance do you plan for post?

R- Up to 3 weeks sometimes, I work full-time so I cannot blog as I go. Some days I may have to work late or I may be really tired so I only share a handful of my outfits and try my best to plan ahead.

Will you come cook for me? Your snapchat always makes me hungry and it looks like you put together healthy but yummy meals.

R-Of course! Just come on over.

Do you pronounce your name Rachelle or like Rachel?

R- It’s pronounce Rachelle, but a lot of people still call me Rachel and I don’t mind.

When was the last time you visited Haiti? Do you plan to ever go visit in the near future?

R- I visited in 2011, my parents visit me often so I have not had the urge to visit, maybe next year.

Remind us how long have you been blogging?

R- My first post was published on May 2011, so it’s been 4 years.

What’s something you’ve learned this year in blogging? (either about yourself personally or something that has made you a better blogger)

R- You have to blog for yourself first, that way you will be real and honest and that will translate well with your readers. Criticism can be good and constructive but it is simply impossible to please everyone so I try my best to have a blog that is a good representation of myself. There’s really no rules in blogging, everybody may be doing a particular thing, it’s perfectly OK to not do it or better yet do something else. This year you may have noticed I did less sponsored content and that was by choice since I started blogging less. I wanted to be more selective and really work with brands that I felt fitted perfectly with me and I also the majority of my content to be original.

What would you say is the trick to your longevity and sticking it out as a blogger?

R- I always try to do things that bring me joy, so when there’s something about  blogging that I simply do not enjoy I just stop doing it. For example, I am not big on blogger events, so I decided to do less of those. I may miss a lot of opportunities that way but that’s OK. I am very happy to have my little corner on the web to talk about the things that I love.

How did you and Charnele meet?

R- Charnele and I met at a blogger event on March 2013 I think, then we met a second time at a blogger brunch. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history 🙂

What was your schedule for taking photos and how has that changed now?

R- We used to meet twice a month to shoot outfits. Sometimes more often if needed. I usually take a selfie of my outfit before I head out and I shoot 4 of my favorites twice a month.

I think I read that you were taking your photos yourself- any tips on what you’ve learned while doing this?

R- Get a tripod, a remote for the camera, a nice location and practice. I took Charnele pictures for years so I’ve gotten really good at using my Dslr so that helped a lot.

If money were no object, what handbag would you get?

R- The classic Chanel flap bag with the double Cs, in black with gold hardware. My dream bag! That was easy 🙂


NYE Make-Up
Bloopers :: #HowIFall Link-Up