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October 2015 Outfit Recap

Hey guys, with the new season comes a new wardrobe tracking update. I started this season with a huge closet cleaning. I donated a lot and put about 22 pieces on eBay. This season I am really working on only adding less items to my closet. I am pretty happy with what I have right now and so I just want a few quality pieces. I did let go of many pieces during my cleaning, but really only a few need to be replaced. With doing BBG I did lose some weight and right now for example I need new belts, all the ones I have are useless. I also want a chambray shirt, I was unhappy with the two I had for either fit, material or color thankfully I was able to sale one. During the cleaning I also sold the leopard flats I had and got this pair instead. So let’s go over what I got.keep2


  1. Cole Haan Leopard Flats: My very first pair of leopard flats were by Cole Haan, so when the J.Crew pair I got didn’t work out, after doing a little search online I found this pair that is perfect.
  2. Express Light Cardigan: I’m really low on cardigans right now, it is so hard to find ones that I like and that are affordable. I took advantage of an Express sale and good this to pair with barcelona camis, that way I can wear them to work. I looks perfect with the cami, I am wearing it here. During the next sale I am definitely getting more colors.
  3. Banana Republic Long Vest: You guys know how I feel about this vest, see how I wore it here.
  4. J.Crew Selvedge Chambray Shirt: I finally found THE chambray shirt, the fit, color is exactly what I wanted.IMG_4171
  5. Kendra Scott Logan Studs: Picked these up while I was at the KS store in Boca Raton, I mostly only wear studs to I decided to get this one for variety.
  6. Kendra Scott Parker Studs: Also picked up this one during a sale.
  7. Express Berry Plaid Portofino: Not pictured because you all know by now what they look like, this print is way prettier in person.
  8. Chloé Marcie Cross-body: I’ve been debating about getting this bag for about 3 months. I’ve loved the Chloé Marcie line forever. I did my research, read tons of reviews and stalked all the bloggers that have that bag. The leather is extremely soft and the tan color is just the right shade, the bag is extremely well made. It was sold out for a while, but I stalked Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom until this color was available. It’s been going out of stock on and off. I went for the smallest size because I wanted a bag I can wear during the day or for a night out and the medium is a little too big for that. Deciding to get that bag was difficult for me, I kept on thinking this money that could go towards my savings. But I ended up getting it and I love it so much, so in order to appease my mind I’ve been super careful with my spending. Honestly I think it is way worth the sacrifice of shopping less for other things.

Returnedfree people long sleeve denim shirt review

Free People Long-Sleeve Denim Shirt: This is one of the chambray shirt I tried that didn’t work, this one was such a great color but boy is it oversized. In the pic above I am wearing an extra-small, the extra fabric makes it almost impossible to tuck in without looking like you are wearing a diaper. Hello Miss new booty!

free people lace-up detail denim tunic

Free People Lace-Up Details Denim Tunic: As I was picking out the chambray shirt above, I also spotted this one that is so great in theory. In reality, it is a very heavy denim material. Too heavy to fall beautifully like a peasant top which is the vibe I got from it. So I sent it back as well.


J.Crew Gemma Leopard Flats: I so wanted to love these, but they just didn’t work out. They are a bit flimsy in my opinion and they do run half a size too big. If you follow on snapchat (@pinksole_rach) you may have seen my rant lol.


  • Madewell Leopard Nico Booties: With my ongoing partnership with Shopbop I got these during the sale, I wanted a pair of leopard booties for a while and they are fabulous.
  • Sam Edelman Petty Booties: I also got these in the saddle color, I love tan shoes and bags so I’m very happy with these. Thankfully I can start wearing my booties now.
  • Kendra Scott Rayne: Thanks to my sweet friend Gina, I was able to get this at the Kendra Scott color bar.

Wardrobe Tracking Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Statement Pieces:
Sold on eBay:
  • NEW 14 pairs of shoes
  • NEW 7 pieces of clothing
  • NEW 1 Bag

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Rose Gold Details :: #HowIFall Link-Up
October 2015 Outfit Recap

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