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4 ways to wear a pink vestWhen I got this vest as much as I loved it I wondered if I would get a lot of use out of it. Caryl was sweet enough to send several suggestions. It is a bit heavy so I probably wouldn’t be able to wear during the Summer but it is a great alternative to not being able to wear a coat in South Florida. So I tried it on with a few pieces to decide if it was a keeper after all.

w/ black jeans, white cami, clutch, pumps: This is how I wore it on Monday’s post.

w/ navy stripe dress, flats, bucket bag: I also tried it with my black stripe dress but I didn’t like it at all. Something with the black stripes just didn’t work for me. I tried it with my navy stripe dress and it looked a lot better, I wore it with flats and a simple bag for a fun work look.

w/ form fitting dress, heels, clutch: Overall I find this vest works better with fitted dresses since the vest is oversized. A black/white/red (if you are bold like that) dress will work.

w/ blue jeans, tunic, leopard booties and cross-body bag: This is for a more casual look and I also plan on wearing it with shorts as it is still shorts weather here in South Florida. It’s that weird time of the year where you can wear shorts and booties.



Deep Red
Rose Gold Details :: #HowIFall Link-Up
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