Chambray Dress
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Hey guys, two weeks ago I shared a little bit about my bbg and overall healthy living journey. As it is a work in progress, I’ll try my best to share it with you guys. Last week mother nature was in town, so I didn’t feel my best and I wanted to eat everything in sight. So my diet suffered a little bit, while I don’t see major changes in my pics but my clothes are starting to fit differently. My J.Crew downtown field jackets have been too tight in the arms for the past few months, but Ive been able to wear them comfortably again so yay for that. I’ve always gotten questions about meal prepping and what I’m eating so I will make sure to share some of that as well.

It’s a new month and I’m in Week 3 now, so I set a few goals for myself. I finally got the foam roller and will try my best to use it at least every other day. I heard it helps with the appearance of cellulite so I’ll get back to you on that. The weekend gets me every time, hello cheat meals and alcohol. I started the plank challenge and I AM DYING!!! I’m able to plank for 1:30 now, so I hope to make it to 2 minutes without quitting.

1. People are always having the healthy bars debate, I say just make your own. I used this recipe to make this one and they are delicious. I also enjoy questbars, they are very high in protein and low in sugar. 2. My biggest meals are breakfast and lunch, I made a batch of panang curry that I have with 1 cup of brown rice. You can follow this recipe, but I use light coconut milk and add tons of veggies (broccoli, peppers, onions, ). 3. Another lunch option, just bake 1 sweet potato that I drizzle with coconut oil. A side of broccoli and codd fish that I seasoned and baked. 4. Homemade pizza, that my guilt free weekend lunch, just a whole grain tortilla that I add organic tomato sauce, spinach, turkey pepperoni and parmesan.

5. This is my morning protein shake, that I recently decided to ditch because I just don’t enjoy them in the morning anymore. If I get a ninja or magic bullet, I might start making yummy smoothies. 6. I actually don’t eat yogurt, but I jumped back on the train because of Siggi’s they are delicious. They are also pretty low in sugar and have some good protein. 7. I pre-pack my snacks to avoid eating half the bag, in here I have snap peas crisp (I love it in Caesar the most) and Skinny Pop that I’m addicted too. 8. This is one of my breakfast scrambled egg whites, I usually add veggies (onion, green/red peppers, shiitake mushroom, chicken sausage).


Almond butter is everything to me, I try not to abuse it. I put half a tablespoon on toasts or oatmeal. I love Barney’s Butter the most.

Working out in style is a must, duh! You should know me better by now. No but seriously I also want to give an honest review on my favorite items, I love all my workout clothes but I  do have favorites. I got my first pair of Mizuno sneakers a couple of months ago and they are life changing, I’ve never had sneakers with such support and cushioning. They are a bit expensive, but worth every penny I cherish the one pair I have and only wear it to run. My second favorite pair for running is the Nike Airmax, I also tried on the Ascis nimbus and they do give a lot of cushion as well. I love Nike’s activewear as they are extremely comfortable and last forever, in my opinion as far as quality goes they are the best. Second favorite is surprisingly GapFit, they are fun and are holding up really well I’m quite impressed. Gap often has sales so they are not that expensive either. I love Athleta’s tights, they are so comfortable and have the right amount of thickness. I have a gap reward and might get this one. See some of the pieces I own and love below. Keep in mind I have an IG account dedicated to all that good stuff, @_FitRach.


Chambray Dress
Black Stripes & Camel :: #HowISummer Link-Up
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