How to wear :: Lace Up Flats
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Happy hump day ladies! This week is flying by and I am not complaining about that. This week swimweek is on in Miami, but I decided to skip this one. I am looking forward to a quiet and low key weekend, I do hope to make it to the beach or pool. I also want to plan some new content for the blog, so I will be working on that. I’ve always been fascinated by personal finance, hence why I started tracking my wardrobe since I’m a self proclaimed shopping addict. I read the Financial Diet religiously, when Jessica mentioned the girl that did the year-long shopping ban I was so impressed and realized my month-long shopping ban was nothing. I’m not planning on jumping on that bandwagon (I know myself well enough), but I do know that I can cut back on my spending and most of all I hate having so much stuff. I hate clutter so I’m planning on cutting back a lot on how much I spend in clothes/shoes/make-up/books( I have about 10+ unread books sitting around). Basically shopping is not a hobby and should not be used as such in my opinion, I want to use a shopping trip more as an occasional reward or to get a necessity. So how does this relate to this blog, well I love to dress up and I want to focus more on showing many ways to wear the same things. Does that mean I won’t shop anymore? No, I will just be shopping a LOT less. I don’t know about you but rewarding myself with stuff makes me happy for a only a short amount of time, I cannot remember ever being sad about something “material” I didn’t have.
Shoes are amazing don’t get me wrong, but they don’t make me any happier. Instead I plan on focusing on other things that brings me happiness, like focusing on my health, fitness, reading all these damn books I have and more.

I was reading this article and I love the idea of having things that are both useful and beautiful. Point 9 was also a great one for me, that’s how my mom raised me to be but somehow I lost that. Hello Forever 21 and H&M! These stores can be useful, but honestly I would have rather save most of the money that I spend there to buy another pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats. I know they are not cheap, but ever since I got my black pair I could easily give away half of my other flats and not even miss them. So I really want to focus on buying less and getting more quality items (like this bag I’ve been obsessed with forever), I will try to put a list together so that I can stay on track.

About today’s look, it’s a work outfit I wore a couple weeks ago. I’m so happy I got that dress because it is so versatile. This time I paired it with this pretty necklace from Happiness BoutiqueSee how I wore it the last time here, and 4 ways to wear this exact same dress here.

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pics by Charnele, edited by me.

shop-the-post-50necklace – c/o Happiness Boutique

bracelet – Banana Republic

initial bracelet – Alex & Ani

watch – c/o Daniel Wellington

cardigan – Express

dress – J.Crew Factory (same dress different print)

bag – J.Crew (very similar by Madewell)

flats – Cole Haan (similar patent nude flats)

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How to wear :: Lace Up Flats
ZoomZoom Road Trip

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