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Hey guys! I’ve always loved working out but for the past 2 years I was seriously slacking and most of all I lost my healthy eating habits. In January, I promised myself I would get back on track, very cliché I know! But also earlier this year I made some major changes and decided not to use a trainer anymore, so I could only rely on myself to stay motivated and that is not always easy. Thankfully Gina introduced me to Cathe and that made it a lot easier. While I always cooked, my eating habits while eating out were not the best hence I wasn’t really seeing any major difference. Around March I think, I heard about Kayla Itsines and decided to give her guide a try. Honestly I didn’t follow it all that well for the first 7 weeks, while I did the workouts and was feeling stronger I wasn’t really following the workouts she recommended on off days, since her guide gives 3 weekly workouts. After I followed her on IG and I started seeing all the progress pics of people following the program I realized I was clearly doing something wrong and got my act together. I started incorporating LISS and HIIT workouts in the regimen and slightly change my eating habits. I’m a social drinker, so I started by allowing myself 2 drinks weekly and stopped buying wine for the weekend. I also really focused on eating 5-6 meals/snacks daily. Funny enough I eat a lot more now. Since getting in shape is really important to me, I decided to create this column to share with you guys/keep myself accountable and hopefully motivate you if you are in the same spot.

One thing I noticed from all the girls doing the BBG is that they took a lot of progress pics, and throughout the guide Kayla recommends taking progress pictures. I’ve come to rely more on them than the scale, although I always check my body fat % and muscle mass. One day I was very disappointed because I didn’t see any weight loss, but sure enough my body fat decreased and my muscle was higher. I finished the first guide last week, but decided to do it all over again but with the dedication of that last 4 weeks. I connected with a bunch of ladies who are doing this as well, I didn’t want to bombard my regular IG account with a bunch of sweaty pics so I created a different account for this purpose. My username is _fitrach.

An idea of what I eat, but I will do another post for that and go into more details.

When do I workout and how often?

My goal is to workout 5-6 times a week. I usually do it after work, but on weekends I love to do it early in the morning to get it out of the way. That also gives me a lot of energy to get stuff done such as cooking and cleaning after.

Is the Bikini Body Guide worth it?

Yes! A gym membership will cost you way more in just a few months, if you know you will actually give it a shot I say just get it. Keep in mind Kayla also has a free trial.

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Casual in Nomad
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