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new-inHi guys! Hope you had a great Memorial weekend, I got a lot done but I also had a little bit of fun. This month I feel like I had a good balance of basics and fun pieces. Some items I ordered from all the Memorial sales are still not here yet, so I will cover those in June. In June I am doing a “no shopping” challenge, I’m saying it here to keep myself accountable but I’m a little scared lol. I feel like I’m in a really good space “closet-wise”, so for now I just want to enjoy the items I already have. So let’s do this.


1- J.Crew midnight floral skirt: Monthly I always check out J.Crew‘s new arrivals, you guys know by now that I have tons and love J.Crew skirts so this one was a no brainer. It’s a bit dressier than I thought it would be but that’s ok because I can do so much with that skirt.

2- Loft lace skirt: I didn’t want to get that skirt at first, because I got the black and blue version last year. But I kept on going back and forth about it, thankfully I was able to snatch it on major sale. I plan on wearing it to work, but also paired with a barcelona cami and heels. Now I just need a hot date!

3- Ann Taylor shirt-dress, in pink: I was only planning on keeping one, but when I saw how well it fitted me proof here. I decided to keep both, and I had to restrain myself from getting this one.

4- Express fitted stripe sweater: After seeing this classic stripe sweater on Gina, I decided to grab it during the Express sale. It fits perfect and they have it in solid colors too.

5- Express twill jacket: I own this one in blue worn here so during the weekend I picked up this one at 40% off.

6- J.Crew embroidered shorts: This is another regular I always get from J.Crew, their embroidered shorts are always so cute and I get so much use out of them during the Summer. This one is the prettiest by far,  I worn it over the weekend with my pink barcelona cami.

7- Express knit & crepe tee: I got these this weekend as well at Express, they are just a tad dressier than a regular tee because of the crepe material. They are a nice alternative when I want to be semi-dressy. They come in tons of other colors too but I only got the grey and neutral.

8- Gap resolution denim: I am in love with this line of denim from Gap, IN LOVE! This color is so awesome, I am wearing them in black here. The fit is the exact same in all colors.

9- Tory Burch crescent bag: This is my second Tory bag and I love it. From the color to the discreet logo, this is one I will cherish forever. Wearing it in this post.

10- Cole Haan slip-ons: I’ve been pining for black slip-ons for months, I’m very happy I waited because these are just perfect. I was also able to get them for over 50% off at the Cole Haan outlet, that is now online as well.

11- Tory Burch leather sandals: I was looking for a plain leather pair of sandals and these are so perfect. Wearing them here.

12- I gave my jewelry box a little makeover, I’ve seen Gina wear so many cute necklaces from Express that I had to pick up a few.


Thanks to a giftcard provided by Kicks USA, I got the Nike Airmax 2015. One of my favorite running/training shoes.

Plan for next month

NOT SHOP! I’m going to put my blinders on and try not to buy anything in June wish me luck.

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Statement pieces:





Ordered and Returned:

Purged/Sold on eBay:

  • 10 Express portofino shirts
  • 1 Express floral skirt
  • 1 Phillip Lim for Target satchel
  • 7 pairs of shoes
  • 3 purses

Gifted or C/O items:

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Summer Wishlist :: #HowISpring Link-Up