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Today’s post is a little bit different, as I don’t really cover this topic on the blog but it is very much a big part of my life. I am often ask how I can manage so many things and honestly it is by working out and making sure I get enough sleep. Simple huh? Not really. In January I pretty much stopped going to bootcamp and started to train myself, it was really scary not relying on someone to yell at me and keep me motivated. I decided to save my $135 a month fee and do it myself, well almost.cathe-workoutsThanks to Gina, who looks amazing by the way I found out about Cathe Friedrich. Used to harsh bootcamp workouts, I was worried it wouldn’t be challenging enough for me (fyi I love to break a sweat). But Cathe is hardcore and til this day I still cannot lift some of the weights she uses. These are some of my favorite videos from her, they incorporate a lot of weight training which is what I was looking for. You can also customize them if you are short on time, my endurance really improved with her workouts to the point where one of my old bootcamp workout buddy asked me how I was running so fast (she knows I hate running). Her HiiT series is the bomb and is very intense. To introduce more variety to my workouts I ended up signing up to her onDemand video streaming service where I have access to all her videos. It’s only $19 a month.

kaylaitsinesOn Instagram, I discovered Kayla Itsines. After seeing countless before and after post done with her program I decided to check her out. Her approach felt simple enough and I figured I could mix and and match her workouts with Cathe’s. Her workouts are just 4 circuits, lasting 7 minutes each but don’t be fooled. I find myself drenched after her workout and she organized them in a way that keeps it challenging every time. Hers is a 12 weeks program and I’m currently on week 5. Sometimes depending on how tired I am, I will do a little more weight training with heavier weights.

Other than that on days I feel like being outside, I will go to the park and to a workout like the one below. It’s not as crazy as it looks and you feel pretty amazing after. Those are really fun with a partner, which I don’t have most of the time. workout-to-do-outdoors
Now let’s be real for a minute, you can train really hard, if your diet is bad you are are not going to lose any weight. If you workout like a maniac you might be able to bypass the unhealthy diet but I promise you it won’t last. You cannot outrun a bad diet, check out this article. In the both pics below I was doing the exact same workout, but in the pic on the left my diet was on point (meaning filled with protein, lots of greens, healthy fats and very limited processed food), hence the firmer legs.
Starting March I really started eating clean again, I didn’t do anything drastic really. I just choose to follow a mostly whole/non-processed diet. I cook a lot, so that I know exactly what is going on in my meals. I do a lot of seafood, some poultry and very limited red meats. I have a huge sweet tooth so I make sure to satisfy it by baking healthier goods, these flourless black bean brownies are my all time favorite. Since March, I’ve lost 10 pounds, my muscle mass has increase by 8 pounds, and my body fat dropped by 5%. I can slowly see the change in the fit of my clothes, specially the pants now I need a belt for most of them. I’m not where I want to be yet, but it’s good to know it’s working. On weekends I still go out and enjoy a nice meal and drinks, but I try not to over indulge and it really hasn affected my results.

Now of course fashion is involved in all of this, I like to look cute even when I’m all sweaty. I’ve gotten some cute workout gear like the ones in last week’s post and other stores like Nike and Athleta. Talking about Athleta, me and some of my fellow blogger friends are giving away a $175 gift card. These ladies are also sharing their favorite workouts, so make sure to check them out.

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Casual in Shorts

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