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Layers on Layers

Stella_Jean-17I am in love with comptemporary Italian-Haitian fashion designer Stella Jean. I first saw her designs on Instagram and her last name “Jean” caught my attention because it is a very popular name in Haiti. After just a little research, I was able to confirm her Haitian heritage. Well her style perfectly embodies her cultural mix, she stated: “My clothes are born from my personal history and reflect my métissage of Italian-Haitian heritage“. When I saw her Port-au-Prince jersey, I freaked out a little because this is where I was born and I could totally see myself wearing it with some skinny jeans and heels.

stella-jean-milan-spring-2015-port-au-prince-jersey-fullWhat really draws me to her is that she creates clothes with classic shapes, but they are full of personality. Her designs are conversation starters for sure. Based on her interview with the Coveteur, I learned that she has a Summer closet filled with all white and a Winter one filled with all black. But her accessories are on point and colorful, she’s a fan of Ferragamo, Hermès and Céline, pretty much a girl after my own heart.


She also does swimwear, to know me is to know that I love bathing suits Actually that’s probably the main reason why I work out. The prints on those are killer and I love the retro cut.


She’s also a mother of 2 and her kids line is precious.


Some peeps in Stella Jean designs, and yes this is the Bad Gal below aka Rihanna.

people-in-stella-jeanI just could not share this pic, how gorgeous is that skirt?
20140414-235221If you are in the mood to pop some tags, shop her pieces below.

Pic Cred: PB, CPoshMarkDSikes, AbinaOnline, The Coveteur, Vogue,


Navy Bows
Layers on Layers
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