Wrapped & Cozy :: #HowIFall Link-Up
White & Camel

Hey guys! Recently I realized that I didn’t have one perfect stripe tee, so I lifted my shopping ban for a bit and got a $20 one from J.Crew. It is now sold out but I am wearing it here. I’ve also been on a stripes kick, while closet cleaning I found this nice and flowy cardigan that was lost at a bottom of a drawer. Here are some of the pieces that I love, I wish I could buy them all.

  1. Striped Pumps – I don’t have a lot of printed shoes, but I love the idea of striped pumps. These would easily fit my work wardrobe.
  2. Striped Asymmetrical Dress – You guys know I love a a cute asymmetrical skirt and that dress has so much potential and could be such a great layering piece.
  3. Striped Boat Neck Tee – This is a classic and everyone needs one.
  4. Striped One Piece Suit – I am hoping by Summer I will be at my goal shape, and I if this is still available I will totally treat myself to this sexy one piece.
  5. Stripes Flats – Just like the pumps, these flats are adorable and would easily make any outfit cuter.
  6. DVF Striped Wrap Dress – I may or may not have this dress already, but omg it is amazing. I cannot wait to wear it.
  7. Striped Swing Dress – I’ve always wanted one of those and this one is inexpensive.
  8. Striped Pullover – It’s still pretty cold in most places and this is such a cozy sweater to layer.


Wrapped & Cozy :: #HowIFall Link-Up
White & Camel
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