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Early December I was traveling to DC, so I decided to put together a packing list for those traveling somewhere cold. I was there for 4 days and I made sure to only bring a carry-on. To make sure all my items matched, I brought sweaters in basic colors that can match most things like black, beige, camel and grey. For my coat, hat, scarf and gloves they were all this dark grey color or black.


  • I packed only solid color sweaters so that any of my plaid shirts would look great underneath.
  • 1 printed scarf that I ended up not using.
  • 2 pair of jeans (black and dark blue), I wore the black pair to travel. (not pictured!)
  • 2 pair of boots, I wore the over-the-knee pair to travel.
  • 1 pair of sneakers.
  • 2 pretty skirts for going-out, I also wore only one of them while I was there. (sequin skirt)


  • 4 pair of socks, two of them wear cashmere for extra warmth.
  • 1 black cashmere scarf that I ended wearing the whole time I was there.
  • 1 hat, it was in the 3os then and I really didn’t need to wear it, but you should still bring it just in case. I hear it’s under 20 most places yikes!
  • 1 pair of maximum heat sweater tights to pair with my skirts.
  • 1 pair of gloves.
  • 1 coat that I made sure to keep with me while traveling so that I wouldn’t have to pack it.



  • All carry-on usually have a similar pocket, that can hold all your private stuff and make sure not to forget you long underwear. I personally got a few of these cuddl duds while Macy’s had a sale. PS: they are still on sale.


  • Always try to wear your heaviest items to save space, like your tall boots.


  • This is one of the many combo I wore, I snapped more pics but ended up losing all of them.
  • I always always carry my electronics and jewelry in my personal bag.

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Stripes & Sequins :: #HowIFall Link-Up