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Best of 2014 Part I :: #HowIFall Link-Up



Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas. This is the last wardrobe tracking update for 2014, I started this month with my main goal being getting these flats. I knew that Shopbop always have a big sale towards the end of year so I waited patiently and got my Ferragamo flats (they are perfect), now while browsing the sale I stumbled upon these Joie heels that were 50% off plus an extra 20% off.

On Black Friday I wasn’t really in a shopping mood and after getting the items mentioned above I didn’t want to go too crazy. I did need a couple of sweaters mostly for DC so I got this and anther from Gap that is now sold out, It is pretty similar to this. The v-neck cashmere sweater from J.Crew Factory I want it in every single color, but at this price I settled for just one. My best friend warned me about getting a hat, and this one was the perfect find. It looks so cute on, but I actually didn’t get to use it much while I was there.

After getting this J.Crew skirt  last month and seeing how I much I loved it, I got this one as well as I wasn’t getting an Holiday dress as I usually do. Finally while browsing J.Crew after brunch on a Sunday I snatched a couple of bracelet that were on sale for a steal.

I made a couple more purchases that are just different colors and prints of items I already own. This shirt was on my radar since it came out, I’ve already worn it to a party and I cannot wait to share the outfit with you next year. And I fell for yet another pair of sneakers, that I’ve been wearing non stop. I spent way more than I was suppose to this past month, so from January to March I will be on major lock-down. But I am hoping to score some great deals after Christmas because last year I purchased a few pieces for $100 that would have cost me over $1000 if they were purchased at full price. I took a little break with selling on eBay because of the Holidays, but I will resume selling after Christmas.

Updated 12/23/2014: Now I write this post throughout the month and update it whenever I get something new. I was pretty much done shopping for the month, I was just waiting for the big Saks off 5th sale that they have in the outlet mall. So on the 22nd, I was walking around the mall and went in Salvatore Ferragamo outlet store just to see the patent varina flats in other colors (ps: they yellow version is the cutest thing). Turns out they had a big sale and I scored the susi pumps for $208, they were originally $575, mine are the leopard print pair (couldn’t find the exact pair online  so I added the pic below).IMG_9597

 Plan for next month

Shopping lock-down! I’ve spoiled myself this month so I need to take a break and with lent season coming up I better get used to not shopping. I may check out the after Christmas sale for some amazing deals, but that’s about it.

I can now cross those flats from my dreamlist for now.

See my wishlist, dreamlist and Wardrobe Tracking boards on Pinterest.

Plans for next month


Statement pieces:





Ordered and Returned:

Sold on eBay:

  • 1 J.Crew Pencil skirt
  • 4 J.Crew perfect fit tees
  • 2 J.Crew Sweaters
  • 1 J.Crew chino shorts
  • 1 Seychelles wedges
  • 1 Zara Denim pencil skirt
  • 1 J.Crew Sweater
  • 1 J.Crew chino shorts
  • 1 Black Zara High Heels
  • 2 J.Crew shirt
  • 1 Ann Taylor Blouse
  • 1 F21 Blouse
  • 1 Express Floral portofino
  • 1 Ann Taylor Loft black blazer
  • 1 White Asos blouse
  • 1 Express blouse
  • 1 a.n.a button down

Gifted or C/O items:

PS: I try to be as transparent as possible, I have mentioned before I have an ongoing partnership with Shopbop and they provided me with a gift certificate. Of course it did not cover the majority  of my purchase, so that’s why I marked the Joie heels as c/o and not the Ferragamo  flats as  I paid for the majority of it with my own income. I am very thankful for all the brands that work with me, and I know that none of this would be possible without your support.

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  • Loft – 50% off everything.
  • Nordstrom – Clearance sale up to 50% off.
  • Banana Republic – extra 50% off everything.
  • Off 5th -Clearance Blowout.
  • J.Crew – 50% of sales and 30% full price winter style.
  • Ann Taylor – 60% off everything (exclude new arrivals).
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Best of 2014 Part I :: #HowIFall Link-Up

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