Black is the new Black
Double Moto

New-Year's-Eve-Make-Up-BeautyHey babes! So my beauty routine don’t vary much, for New Year’s Eve I say go for a classic look with a twist.

Defined Brows, with MAC eye brows in spiked and the right brush you are good to go (a simple tip is to contour your eyebrows with a slightly lighter concealer and blend away, I use it on my eyelids as well and this is my blending brush).

Red Lips, with Nars lip crayon (in cruella) or Estee Lauder Color Envy (in vengeful red) your lipstick will stay in place for a long time. These 2 are my go-to for a flawless red lip.

Gold Liner (in Iskandar – gold), this will be a first for me but it looks so fun I went for a slightly bronze color for my dark complexion. I will put it right on top of my black liner (in black ink). I use this angled brush to create the perfect line.

Flawless Complexion, it’s in the concealer ladies and this one gives me great coverage. I’ve been through 6 bottles already ever since I started using it.

The final touch for me is always my favorite mascara.

I use and own all the products mentioned above and have nothing but great things to say about them. The only item I don’t personally own is the Nars liner, but I’m familiar with the brand and have been happy with many of their products. I didn’t link to the liner I bought because it is discontinued.

pic cred here, here and pinterest.

Black is the new Black
Double Moto
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