Best of 2014 Part I :: #HowIFall Link-Up
Best of 2014 Part II


I had a good blogging year in 2014, while I don’t like making resolutions as I believe that if you want to make a change you will do so anytime and waiting for a new year is just silly. However, I do have a few blog goals that I wish to accomplish on 2015.

  1. UPGRADE BLOGGING TOOLS. I NEED a new laptop and I WANT a new camera. I’ve narrowed down the ones I wanted, I am just waiting for them to go on sale as I am sure they will eventually. The Camera is not urgent so I am in no hurry to get it.6581d9a0f57ee9286280f1091eb34cc1
  2. CREATE AND STICK WITH EDITORIAL CALENDAR. I have many series that I want to be more consistent with, so in 2015 I’m planning to build an editorial calendar and really sticking to it.bc162661dfc4e98aaddb04831ab6f116
  3. BUY LESS – CHOOSE WELL, this is not a blog goal but since I do a lot of outfit posts I figure it was appropriate. I improved a lot this year in that department but I know I can do better – much better.
  4. SPEND BLOG INCOME WISELY. Money made from eBay and the blog always end up back in my closet and I think this is a bad habit, I need to save some of it and invest some back in the blog.
  5. DO SOMETHING SCARY. I’ve always said that I would never do videos, I did one and did not die shocker! This year I want to take more risks and perhaps do more videos (any ideas on videos you would like to see).wpid-Photo-20141222234857562
  6. HAVE FUN AND BE HAPPY. Blogging is first of all a hobby, I’ve learned to not take it so seriously and this year I want to continue on doing that. I think it makes me a better blogger when I do it with joy.0128c0febafb14834ff7fcd2d4480164all quotes can be found here.
Best of 2014 Part I :: #HowIFall Link-Up
Best of 2014 Part II
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