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tips-for-selling-on-ebay-1Ok so you cleaned out your closet and now you want to list some pieces on eBay, I am in no way an expert but I’ve been doing this for a few months and here are my tips:

KEYWORDS –  If you were looking for an item ask yourself what would you look for if you were looking for that particular item. Keep it clear and try to mention everything that applies in the title.


  • Ann Taylor Loft Black Blazer Jacket Size 4
  • J.Crew Chambray Denim Shirt Size XS Blue Long Sleeve
  • FORTUNATA Schutz Size 8 Brown Sandals
  • Stuart Weitzman Studded Jelly Flats T-Strap Size 7

PICTURES – Well lit, clear and sharp images are a must! Pictures are EVERYTHING when selling online. Try to capture the texture and every single details as much as possible. If you can get pictures on a model or dress form that’s even better. If you’re a blogger, most likely you have pictures of you in almost every single garment you own. The items with pics of me in them sold the fastest, always make sure to specify “This listing is for this item only“. Also for shoes talk about the fit, for example I’ll say I’m a 7.5 and these sandals fits true to size.


DESCRIPTION – If you have the time I highly recommend, adding as much details as possible to avoid back and forth email with prospective buyers. Make sure to list any flaws, for shoes add heel and platform heights, for pants add inseams etc… Also always  mention the condition of the item, as in “perfect condition”, “good condition”, “has a minor flaw”, you get my drift.

PRICING – Ok this is solely up to you,  a good place to start is to check for how much a similar item I’ve sold for on eBay. Do a quick search and filter for “sold listings“. That’s a no brainer but I will say it, please save yourself the hassle and just use PayPal, you will get your payment faster and you can ship as soon as possible and we live in a society of highly impatient people so the faster the better. I always do it auction style, and I make sure to add a “Buy I Now” options for the “I WANT IT NOW” peeps.


SHIPPING – I kept this one simple, I let eBay do the job for me and I offer international shipping. Some people have reservations about selling internationally but I’ve never had any issues. You ship to a center eBay specifies and they take care of the rest for you.

TIMING – Ok, I’ve experimented a lot with the time to end listings, personally you can most likely find me virtual window shopping early morning or evening and I think most people do the same. The best listing end time for me on eBay have been 9-11 pm Eastern, listing ending before 7 am Eastern does OK as well. Also  I seem to do well on weekends, but eventually I started selling on weekdays as well but just not as much.

WHAT TO SELL – I’ve sold blouses, dresses, pants, jeans, sweaters, skirts but shoes are by far my best sellers. My coworkers couldn’t believe that people would buy used shoes but I treat  my shoes really well, I almost always save the boxes and since I  never walk barefoot the inside of my shoes are spotless. Make sure what you are selling is clean.



  • be courteous, if a customer is mad at you even if it’s not your fault, don’t take it personally and calm down. Give them options as in offer them a full refund as long as they return the item in the same condition it was sent or a resolution to the issue they are having. I’ve never had a case end badly, we were always able to come with a solution both parties were happy with.
  • if you don’t receive payment immediately or in a few hours, kindly send the person a reminder message. If they fail to respond  in 48 hours, I  usually open a non-payment case or cancel the order. I then relist the items or offer it to the next highest bidder.
  • be careful with combine shipping, if one person buys multiple items from you and ask for that make sure to weight your items to give them an accurate shipping price. You can easily under charge and end up loosing money.
  • ship items are soon as possible, buyers love to get their items fast  and they are more likely to give you a good feedback.

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Sears Style :: Metaphor
Leather Vest

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