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featureHey guys, so happy to have a new update for you. My whole purpose to doing this challenge was to have a better control on my shopping habits as I am an impulse shopper. This past month I think I did really well, I sold a few items on Ebay that were not getting any love and made extra cash to finance my new purchases. Originally I thought that eBay would be a one time thing, but to keep my closet under control I need to purge once in a while. I don’t have a set budget, but my goal is to mostly use money made from eBay and blogging to shop and limit the purchases made with my income. So this past month I spent a total of $173 of my own money.


I sold 10 items on eBay and used the cash for some new items, I take pretty good care of my clothes so I have no problem selling them. For basics I wanted a burgundy mini skirt and accidentally stumbled upon that one during the Columbus sale, thankfully I had a GAP gift card from my birthday. I did return it because the fit was awkward and I know I wasn’t going to take the time to get it altered. I also ordered a few more things that did not work out, see them below.

For the statement pieces, I tried to resist this animal print Loft dress but I just couldn’t. I tried on this colorblock dress the same day but didn’t get it until a week later when it went down to $37.  I purchased this new windowpane shirt, I had a similar one from Forever 21 that did not make the cut during my closet cleaning. While that shirt would be mostly use for work, I got the cami version for night-outs and casual looks, I can wear it to work as well with a cardigan or light jacket. Last but not least, taking advantage of the Madewell sale I got this awesome sweatshirt, how cute would it be paired with that skirt, tights and booties when it gets cooler. I did have an impulse  buy, I was stalking these booties for weeks, when I finally decided to get them they were sold out in my size in all stores that had them at a discounted price. Two weeks ago Lord & Taylor had a friends & family sale so I snatched them for about $70.

Now let’s talk about my dream list, I got my beloved DVF wrap dress at last. I was so excited to get it and went with the mini version since I’m 5’4. I snatched it during the Shopbop friends and family sale, and through my partnership with Shopbop I only had a small fraction to pay.

Check out my wishlist and dreamlist, to see what I’m loving. My Wardrobe Tracking board has everything I’ve acquired so far.

Plans for next month

I added this section so that I can keep myself accountable, I have been actively saving for these flats, and many times I almost spent the money I had saved so far. But I’m staying strong, I think they are  a great investment for my lifestyle as I would wear them to death. I also need a coat asap, my trip to DC is coming up early December and I don’t want to wait til the last  minute to just settle with any random coat.  This bucket bag is perfect, I ordered it and hope that I will love it just as much in person. Last but not least if I stumble on a fabulous holiday dress that is affordable I cannot make any promises, actually I have, I just need to make sure it’s a keeper. Isn’t that dress amazing and soooo me. I really need to lay low in November as I am Christmas shopping to avoid any madness in December, and I started rolling out my gift guides.


Statement pieces:





Ordered and Returned:

Sold on eBay:

  • NEW 1 J.Crew Pencil skirt
  • NEW 4 J.Crew perfect fit tees
  • NEW 2 J.Crew Sweaters
  • NEW 1 J.Crew chino shorts
  • NEW 1 Seychelles wedges
  • NEW 1 Zara Denim pencil skirt

Gifted or C/O items:

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