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Hi guys! I know I don’t do a lot of beauty posts and that’s only because my routine is not all that special for both hair and makeup. A very awesome hair stylist usually does my hair but once in a while she is not available and I have to do it myself like this past weekend. Of course it doesn’t matter how hard I try my hair never comes as nice as when she does it for me, I used to think my skills were bad but I quickly realized my tools are not up to par compared to hers. When ghd Hair contacted me to check out their products, I hopped on Sephora to see the reviews for their hair dryers as mine was just terrible. They were pretty good so I decided to try out the new ghd Air hairdryer, first it is really light and the button are placed at the back as opposed to most hair dryer it took some getting used to but I made it work.

Now my hair is usually straight on the blog but don’t be fooled, I have the kinkiest hair on earth, proof pic below while I had my deep conditioning treatment on. This hair dryer did an amazing job, I was able to dry my pretty quickly with a round brush, and I flat ironed them to finish off the look. So ghd Hair gets an A+ from me.

beforeghd air review1After

Thank you so much to ghd Hair for sponsoring today’s post, all opinions are my own.
Special thanks to Charnele for helping me out with these pics, taking pictures of your own hair is trickier than you think.
Stripes + Leopard
Plaid + Stripes
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