Pearls & Loafers
Weekend in Eco Swim

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Hi guys! First thank you for all the sweet advice yesterday, I was inspired and after my workout last night I started planning for the holiday related posts, and I’m so excited to see them come to life! I don’t live in a world where I can get whatever I want, but that never stopped me from lusting over all these beauties that would be just perfect in my closet. I took advantage of the Shopbop sale with code “Family25” but I was reasonable of course, and by the way it ends today. So hop on here, to make sure you didn’t overlook anything. In the meantime I am sharing some of the items that made me hit the pin button.

Notched hem dress: I saw this on Carylee, and I have been stalking it ever since to see if it goes on sale.

Coach leopard bag: To know me is the understand why I love this, and if you missed out on my beloved Tory Burch now is the time to redeem yourself.

Tory Burch blue face watch: This watch is a beauty period.

Moto jacket: Another item I am hoping will hit the sale racks soon, it’s perfect in every way.

DVF envelope clutch: Again to know me is to understand why I love this, and the red trim is the cherry on top.

Zipper booties: Every time I see them on a blogger I click on the link, hit “add to cart” and move on with my day. I’m weird like that.

Leopard scarf: I have 2 leopard scarves but I still feel the need to own this one.

Phillip Lim pink satchel: The pashli has been a hot blogger item and I’ve always questioned if I really love it or if I was just influenced my seeing it so often. Then I saw this little pink beauty and I knew it was true love.

Last day to get your shopping on with Shopbob

Pearls & Loafers
Weekend in Eco Swim

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