DVF Little Wrap Dress
Stripes & Faux Fur


As a bikini lover, I know swimsuit season is just around the corner and we get concerned about which one we should wear. Let me tell you that the best way to draw eyes to you is by wearing a nice, sexy and trendy bikini. Feel confident about yourself and turn your attitude into gratitude. Look good and feel good. Shop for something you want to wear. You are absolutely beautiful just the way you are. Get out there and have fun looking for the best choices for this new season.











Reasons to wear one:

  • It´s hot and sunny.
  • Just like the song says: “Itsy Bitsy teenie winnie yellow polka dot bikini” and caught everyone´s attention.
  • Allow your belly button to tan.
  • You are able to show off everything you have.
  • Only women can wear bikinis and look great.

This summer allow to be creative and let your bikini body enjoy this new season. There are a few tips I will like to share in order to pick the one that suits perfectly for you:

  • Halter Neck Ties: Perfect for broad shoulder.
  • Printed and Frilly: Used for small bust.
  • Underwire Bras:Big bust and obtain extra support.
  • Trimming Styles: Slims you down and maintains your modesty.
  • Deep cuts: To keep your derriere super low and elongates your torso.
  • High Waist: Controls your tummy

If you believe that you feel weird or strange by wearing one, and you think for a moment everyone would stare… SERIOUSLY, no one is looking at you. You reflect what you feel.











Points to be concerned:

  • Cleavage: The more the “merrier”
  • Transparency: get out of the monotony and feel in a nude beach while you are still dressed.
  • Fat Rolls: Probably. These small roles are a “must” in every women´s body, without them we wouldn´t be human.
  • Buttocks: It is a sexy way to contour them.
  • Legs: Probably the best way to slim and show off your wonderful asset.
  • Tattoos: A trendy work of art that can be shown on this suit.
  • Paleness: Don´t worry! Get some sunscreen and tan a little so next time you can show off your natural beauty.
  • Birthmarks: Get over it! You have had more than enough time to deal and get used to it. Nobody cares.
  • Are they looking? Yes and that´s because you look ridiculously fine and just made a lo of people very happy!!!

Swimwear at SUNBAIN.











Keep up with your bikini addiction and just do it. Wearing a bikini is a guaranteed stamp of attention. You should wear it because your body is beautiful no matter the size or shape. You can always find one that fits you. A good place to get some amazing and elegant bikinis is at SUNBAIN. Allow your mind and body to define itself by modeling these trendy designs made just for you.

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This post was brought to you by Sunbain, thank you for supporting the brands that support PinkSole.

DVF Little Wrap Dress
Stripes & Faux Fur

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