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Hey guys! Finally I get to update you guys on my shopping adventures, it’s been over a month since my last update. The French Wardrobe Challenge was fun and I really enjoyed doing it. This coming season I will switch it up a bit, I will make my own rules as I don’t really need to focus as much on basics. But I do want to follow certain rules of the French Wardrobe Challenge like “Quality over Quantity”. I also love having a way to track my purchases and share with you guys, so I came up with “Wardrobe Tracking” instead. I will separate it between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. It will be a great way to see the holes in my closet, I did set up a few goals for myself that I listed below. I am also challenging myself to focus on getting some items I’ve always wanted but never justified buying because of the price tags, with that I will have to shop wayyy less at some of my favorite stores and I’m ok with that, at least for now lol. I started a list of these items, I am sure it will grow overtime. My ultimate goal this season is to shop less and shop smart.wishlist

See the beginning of Fall is around my birthday and I gifted myself a little shopping spree at Express with the money I saved for the occasion. So a lot of my new stuff are from that shopping spree. I also received a few gift cards from all my favorite stores for my birthday, which was great and I am so thankful for my friends and family. I did see a lack in the jewelry department so I got some new jewelry at Banana Republic during the labor day sale. My one major purchase so far are these boots for an upcoming trip up north as my current one has known better days. I was craving a colorful small bag and this one fit the bill at a great price. I did have a couple impulses with this Coach wristlet and these booties that were $44, clearly leopard print is my weakness.

While my mom was visiting she did a few alterations for me so now I have a few pieces that I can wear again. If once in a while a  key piece needs to be replaced then I will do so.

I started 3 boards: 1- wishlist has the more affordable items I want, 2- dreamlist has the expensive items, 3- Wardrobe Tracking has whatever I end up actually getting. I still have a few gift cards left that I am saving them for my next shopping fever.


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Jeweled + Distressed :: #HowIFall Link-Up
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