Slip Dress & Lace Ups :: #HowIFall Link-Up
Red Flats


Hey guys! Fall is upon us, but before you go on a crazy shopping spree really go through your closet and try to really narrow down what you really need. That’s why I was inspired to do this post, I figured out I really didn’t need to get any sweaters for this season or cardigans. I got light colored booties as I already have a nice black pair. I still need a coat and boots but I’m not worried about getting those just yet. So from pieces that I currently own I started creating outfits for when I am having a “I have nothing to wear” crisis. I know it will come in handy, I hope you find it helpful as well.

Outfit 1: Cardigan || Tee || Denim skirt || Lace-ups
Outfit 2: Chambray shirt || Plaid shirt || Olive skinnies || Booties
Outfit 3: Camo jacket || Chambray shirt || Black skinny jeans || Black booties
Outfit 4: Utility jacket || Stripe tee || Black skinny jeans || Red pumps 
Outfit 5: Faux leather jacket || Grey sweater || White skinny jeans || Leopard slip-ons
Outfit 6: Denim jacket || Stripe dress || Booties
Slip Dress & Lace Ups :: #HowIFall Link-Up
Red Flats
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