Red Details :: #HowISummer Link-Up
Full Pink Skirt


Hi guys! I love playing with makeup but during the summer time I try to keep it to a minimum since it’s so hot, so I usually do a very natural face with red lips. I also love a sassy red mani/pedi. Red is one of the shades that looks lovely on everyone, you just have to find the one you are comfortable with. For example, ruby woo is one lipstick that looks great on all skin-tones. I have most of the lipsticks below and lately have been wearing this one in #43 non-stop. I also own all of the nail polish below, and they are all equally awesome! One I didn’t mentioned below and is an all time favorite is “It’s Raining Men” by Deborah Lippmann. best-red-lipstiks-and-nail-polishes

Ruby Woo || Marvelous Moxie (Game Changer) || 1- Le Rouge || Rouge Artist Intense (#43 – Moulin Rouge)
Cruella || Heat Wave || Valentine 09 || Russian Red
Really Red || 08 – Pirate || Snappy Happy || The Thrill of Brazil

See nail polish on all skin tones

  • really red here.
  • snappy happy here.
  • chanel pirate here.
  • OPI The thrill of Brazil here.
Red Details :: #HowISummer Link-Up
Full Pink Skirt
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