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Hey guys! We are coming to the end of the challenge at least for Spring/Summer and it’s a good thing because as you can see I used all my five stand out items. I also used this as an opportunity to put myself on a shopping ban. I think I did good but I still think I shopped too much. But believe or not I did improve, I can say I’ve dodge 80% of the impulse purchases. I say 80% because during the Piperlime and Saks sale I got some items that were not on my wishlist at all. In my defense I go this dress and romper for $80, and got both these sandals and that one for $40. I have a few events to attend soon and I cannot wait to wear them.

Fall is Summer extended in South Florida so I really don’t have any Fall shopping to do, but I do want to add this bag and these boots to my wardrobe. They are both basic right?

My mom will be visiting soon, and I know I will be shopping with her, I totally got my love for fashion from her. So hopefully I’ll be too busy to browse sales and new arrivals. I’m also pretty excited to do more pairing with my old and new items. I am planning on getting my eBay on again, that is one of the reason I overspend because whenever I see extra cash I automatically think extra shopping money, it’s bad I know.

Overall I think my wardrobe is pretty complete at least on my terms. I was thinking of doing a thorough wardrobe analyzing post, I think it will be a great way to make sure I have all my basics and find out where I’m lacking. Is that something you would be interested in seeing???


  1. Quality over quantity.
  2. Basics don’t count.
  3. Accessories don’t count, unless you’re spending a lot more than usual.
  4. Socks and underwear don’t count.
  5. Shoes do count. (I decided to not count shoes but I have made an effort in the last few months to not buy as many shoes as I used to)

Part of my Five:





Ordered and Returned:

Purged & Sold on eBay (not updated I’ve been slacking in my closet cleaning this past month)

  • 21 pair of shoes.
  • 10 jeans
  • countless tops and dresses ( will try to give a more accurate number on the next update)

Gifted or C/O items

Below are some pieces I am loving right now, for more of my coveted pieces check out my Pinterest board Lust List or this page (it is more up to date).

Jessica from Bedknobs and Baubles is also doing this challenge, she links up to other bloggers doing this. If you plan on giving this a try, let me know and I will link to you as well.

To learn more about the French Wardrobe Challenge, check out this post.

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Scallop :: #HowISummer Link-Up
Berry & Polka-Dots

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