Red Stripes :: #HowISummer Link-Up
Stripe Tee & Yellow Skirt
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 Hey guys! When I got my first pair of of bow flats (in orange), I didn't think I'd get that much use out of them. They are a great way to give a very simple outfit a pop. I love this black pair, but I am still hoping to get these classics soon. For my lifestyle I know I will get to wear them a lot. Kate Spade is the queen of bows and I love these darling pumps. If you don't owe any embellished shoes, I recommend starting with bows.

PS: Head over to Lauren's to see a little Q/A I did with her.

PS 1: The Link-Up is still open.

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Red Stripes :: #HowISummer Link-Up
Stripe Tee & Yellow Skirt
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