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Summer Work Uniform


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 Hey guys! Thank you for your kinds words yesterday, I went to the doc and turns out my brain is intact. So no mild concussion here.

Now let’s get back to business, I see how popular these posts are, so I whipped out another Summer basics for you guys. Honestly I totally plan on using these ideas when getting dressed. Most of these items I already have, but the white cross-body and I am dying for a Yumi Kim dress, Revolve Clothing, Bloomingdale’s and Saks carries her line as well and she has the prettiest floral print I’ve ever seen.

Soon I won’t be able to wear jeans, so shorts and mini skirts will be the way to go. LOFT has the cutest shorts, I have my eyes on this one in yellow. I am also loving all the fun mini skirts from ASOS.

Espadrilles are a Summer staple, these Soludos are super cute and I have them. But if you are getting your first pair, maybe go for a more classic one. If you are willing so spend a little bit more, Tory Burch has the cutest espadrilles. This one will be sold out in no time.

These silk camis from J.Crew are so good; I got the blue one on sale a while back, and now I want the pink and white. The silky texture and “luxe” fabric makes it very easy to dress up. But if you want to spend less, ASOS has them in various colors and prints. I have both the ASOS and J.Crew, so I will say in terms of fit and quality J.Crew is the winner.

Hope you find this helpful, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.


Summer Work Uniform