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beauty-updateHey ladies! I don’t these posts often because well I don’t try new beauty products very often and when I do I like to give it a fair try to see real results. These are some of my current favorites:

Chanel – Eastern Light. Ok now I know a lot of people don’t like Chanel polishes because they cost so much more, I’ve tried many white polishes opi, essie and more, but this one is the only one that does not look like white-out. The solution is awesome and the color is perfect. See it on blogger Peony Lim here. In my opinion Chanel polishes chips quickly but the colors are always amazing, at least the ones I have.

Bobbi Brown – Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. This one won the Allure award so I had to try it out, let’s just say that’s the only eyeliner I’ve been using since. It is creamy and last all day.

Bobbi Brown – Eye Definer Brush. Now I have an eyeliner brush already, but I got that one because it is stiffer than the one I already have. And the angled brush helps a lot when I’m trying to do a winged eye.

Clarins Bright Plus Night Cream. I am so happy with Clarins and Clinique right now, remember this post when I talked about some of their products that I wanted to try. Well it’s being great and the result are awesome. I recently added this night cream to my regimen. For the first time in years I’ve seen tremendous improvements with my dark spots.

MAC – Zen Rose. I wanted a new pink lipstick, I was getting bored as I always wear the same ones. This one stands out more with my dark complexion, I am wearing it here.

Raw African Shea Butter Black Soap. I first saw this soap at a farmer’s market and the vendor gave me a sample. I loved it and decided to get a full size. It works well on all skin types especially dry skin, deep cleanses, clear skin bumps and spots. It also helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems.

Ciaté – Sugared Almonds. This is the prettiest nude/pink polish, I love it because it is really easy to apply for an at home mani/pedi, this is my first Ciaté polish and their solution is awesome.

Summer White :: #HowISummer Link-Up
Optical Illusion
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