Rose Pale


crossbody bag : lowmediumhigh
 tote : lowmediumhigh
wrislet : lowmediumhigh
beach bag : lowmediumhigh
travel/weekender bag : lowmediumhigh
fold-over bag : lowmediumhigh
evening bag : lowmediumhigh
satchel : low mediumhigh
large statement bag : lowmediumhigh
structured bag : lowmediumhigh

Hey guys! Last week I shared my top ten favorite shoes and today I am sharing my favorite handbags. Bags for me are all about making a good investment, I’d much rather have a few good ones. For the large statement bag, personally I always had a thing for a big red tote, but really you can go for your favorite color or print. A structured bag is another favorite of mine, a bit out of my price range but I dream of owning this Givenchy one day. A medium crossbody is a life saver, I got this Michael Kors a while ago and a week has not gone by without me using it.

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Rose Pale
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