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Hey gals, so today it’s all about my latest obsessions. Before my shopping ban for Lent I got a couple distressed jeans and wrap shirt, unfortunately I didn’t get any bags but it’s ok because I’ve been using this one that I already own. I have so much planned for my faux wrap shirts and maybe I should a “how to wear” post with it, would you guys like that? Also right after I created this post I stumbled upon a less expensive version of the wrap shirt from Forever 21, honestly if I could shop right now I would get it in both colors. I’ve also gotten a lot of comments about my distressed jeans, and my answer is GAP they are perfect and fit me so well. PS I did a little interview for Blogspotter, check it out here.

Faux Wrap Shirts:

Colorful Bags:

Distressed Jeans:

Bleu Roi
Midi & Tee
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