Leopard & Peplum
Jeans Fitted & White Tee

Hey loves, Happy Sunday! When I was doing a recap of my outfits in 2013, it was a pain to navigate through all these posts, so I decided at the end of each month to do a monthly recap of all my outfits. And it’s also a great way to catch up just in case you missed any post. Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day.distressed-denim-and-cable-sweater-2

[Post Here]

pink-moto-jacket-and-polka-dot-dress-1[Post Here]

chambray-shirt-fan-necklace-and-striped-skirt-1[Post Here]


[Post Here]

hot-pink-dress-over-shirt-1[Post Here]

jeweled-shirt-and-plaid-pants-work-outfit-2[Post Here]

Going-Out-Outfit-with-Leather-Jacket-and-distressed-skinny-jeansp-1[Post Here]

black-and-white-outfit-1[Post Here]

outfit-with-sleeveless-trench-coat-1[Post Here]

striped-top-and-skater-skirt-with-booties-6[Post Here]sweater-and-mini-skirt-Fall-outfit-1[Post Here]

work-fall-outfit-0[Post Here]

how-to-wear-a-leopard-cardigan-1[Post Here]

Leopard & Peplum
Jeans Fitted & White Tee
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