Shades of Blue
Denim + Green + Leopard


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Happy Friday Eve guys, I am one day close to my three day weekend. I am loving everything on this list, I am also loving these white leather track pants, this jacket dress and that skirt the mix of plaid and lace is amazing. I just realized while I made posts about Valentine’s Day they were all targeted towards people that are in relationships. If I am the only single girl here then please stop reading the rest otherwise keep going. Valentine’s day is basically to celebrate love, and the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. There’s a quote that is all over Pinterest that says “Be the person you want to meet” and I think it is important to reflect on that. And to that I would add, treat yourself like you would want your guy to treat you meaning, be kind to yourself, treat yourself with respect and love yourself. I am not saying to be a self-centered “everything is about me b****”, but to take a good look at your standards and realize that you are worth a million bucks.

So if all your friends are out on hot dates on Friday, here are a few suggestions on things to do:

  • Order take-out and watch a marathon of your favorite show. (for me that’s sex and the city, Seinfeld, Modern Family or Big Bang Theory)
  • Go over to Alyssa’s blog, check out this and this recipe, cook yourself a feast and helloooo food coma.
  • Have a glass of wine, grab a good book and put on some music for a relaxing evening.
  • Do your taxes.
  • Browse the vintage section of Etsy for ooak gems.
  • Go to and grab a front row seat to all the new fashion is coming our way.
  • Or go over my archives and see my old posts I don’t mind you stalking me 😉
  • Discover new bloggers and get inspired. I am really into healthy food blogs nowadays.
  • Do 300 squats, I am trying to get nice and toned so that I can get myself one of these cute bikini bottoms by lOlli Swim. Hey a girl can dream right?
  • Last but not least, treat yourself and shop this post I know I am getting #5 for sure and already have #1.
Shades of Blue
Denim + Green + Leopard

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