The Ultimate Wedding Attire Guide

Work Dress
Plaid & Leops

Happy Hump Day guys! With two weddings coming up I am already thinking about what to wear. Weddings are usually stressful for me as most are formal or semi formal, so I’m always trying to dress nicely without looking like I’m trying too hard. Here are a few rules that I go by when dressing for a wedding:

  1. Do not wear white, ivory or anything in that family.
  2. I try my best to dress beautifully but do not wear anything extravagant as I don’t want to outshine the bride “This is NOT your day”.
  3.  Do not wear anything too revealing, I usually go for a sweet romantic look. I can wear something sassy/sexy but try to keep it modest as again this is not my day.
  4. Formal dresses are usually expensive so I try to buy something that I will have to opportunity to wear again, hence like a little black dress.

So I made this little guide for myself and hopefully it will help you in your quest of the perfect wedding outfit. I know for sure I won’t be getting shoes as I have so many already and I’m determine to find a dress that goes well with one that I already own.

What I wore to the last wedding I went to here.

A little black dress is really a no brainer, the ones below would be perfect for a wedding. Don’t forget to rock your red lips with your LBD my favorite red lipstick is Ruby

Left: DressClutch – Shoes (left – Splurge version | right – Save version)
Middle: DressClutch – Shoes (left – Splurge version | right – Save version)
RightDressClutch – Shoes (left – Splurge version | right – Save version)

I’ve never worn a long formal dress to any event but I’ve always wanted to after some intensive research these are my top 3.


LeftDressNecklaceClutch – Shoes (left – Splurge version | right – Save version)
MiddleDressEarringsClutch – Shoes (left – Splurge version | right – Save version)
RightDressClutch – Shoes (left – Splurge version | right – Save version)

I personally love a little statement dress, one that’s pretty enough to stand out without being overly extravagant. Looooove that little jacquard


A few more dresses that caught my eye, hope you found this helpful.

Work Dress
Plaid & Leops