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Hi guys, happy Friday eve! So I’ve seriously cut back on my shopping just to save some money so that I can invest in a really nice bag. But one thing I do want to is a wrap skirt, I think they have a demure sexy look to them and I like that. I’m thinking I want a longer one like #05, but I’m still debating. If I do get it I’m sure it will be in a post soon. Below see 3 ways to wear a wrap skirt in different settings. Personally in the off duty and party time look I would have tucked or half-tucked


on duty: sweater shirt skirt bag pumps

off duty: sweater skirt necklace bag boots

party time: sweaterskirt earrings bag shoes

Have a great one!

feature pic skirt is by Carven.

Mad 4 Plaid
Animal Instincts
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