The Ultimate Wedding Attire Guide
Floral Ruffles


Hey guys! So recently I’ve been thinking that I need to write more on this blog. The thing is I am a terrible writer, that’s just how it is. In school I always excelled in math and science, I did get good grades in writing classes but I had to work ten times harder. I do promise to be more wordy.

Being a planner growing up I had a pretty clear idea of how my life would turn out, but at 28 yo my life is not the way I imagined at all. Being that I was in pretty serious relationship during my college years I did think that I would be married by now, clearly that did not happen. While there’s many things I would want to be different for example “it kind of sucks to be single at 28” but I am very happy about all the relationships that did not work as I could not imagine myself with any of my exes right now. Being single is not always fun since I’m an introvert that does make it easier as I do like to spend time alone. Having friends that are starting new relationships, some that are recovering from really bad breakups I realized how important it is to carefully choose the people we let into our lives. I know it is not always easy to tell the good ones from the bad but do follow your gut. Us women have our intuition we just choose to not listen to it sometimes, I know I’ve done that in the past. So to those who are in healthy relationships I say congrats and really enjoy it. To those who aren’t I say this is the time to date yourself, learn to enjoy your own company, figure out what you want out of life and be self aware. This is not about being perfect but more about investing in yourself as I think this is what will truly build our self esteem. So are you where you expected to be at your age, please do share?

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necklace – CCO
bracelet- J.Crew
leopard bracelet – J.Crew (similar)
shirt – GAP
track pants – Express
bag – GAP (similar)
sandals – Zara (similar)
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photos by Charnele.
The Ultimate Wedding Attire Guide
Floral Ruffles

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