Working Girl #2

Hi chicas, so happy it’s Thursday this is actually the last day of my work week. I allowed myself to have a long weekend for my upcoming birthday. My birthday is actually on Tuesday and I will be working that day 🙁 but oh well. I didn’t have anything planned. All I want is to relax and get myself some new goodies which I did already. When I’m going out and didn’t plan my outfit in advance I always go through the I have nothing to wear crisis, hey I’m just a girl. Now I’ve finally put together a plan, wear all black with gold accents. It works every time and you are sure to look slick and chic. These are the latest finds that I am dying to get, also let me add this skirt and that sweater…TO DIE FOR. These items are great pieces that can be reused over and over, I added a few outfits inspiration below. black-gold-fall-whishlist-birthday

1- Striped dress | 2- Club Monaco cap | 3- Phillip Lim bag | 4- Gold bubble necklace | 5- 3 rings | 6- Scallop skirt | 7- B&W leopard sweater | 8- 3 buckles booties | 9- 2 buckles belt Sold out(similar and cheaper) | 10- Crystal bracelet | 11- B&W jumpsuit | 12- Lace-up booties | 13- Bar studs | 14- Leaf pendant | 15- Black face gold watch.

This weekend I was at Club Monaco and fell for their new arrival, that striped dress is even prettier in person and the quality is amazing. It’s a great piece that you can wear in so many ways.


Look 1: Necklace | Bag | Flats
Look 2: Leather Jacket | Bag | Tights | Booties
Look 3: Denim Jacket | Bag | Flats

You probably know by now that I’m a sucker for a pretty skirt, I passed on the scallop shorts but the scallop skirt totally caught my eye. I also saw that one in store, it is ridic!


Look 1: Top | Bag | Sandals
Look 2: Denim Jacket | White Shirt | WatchBag | Booties
Look 3: Earrings | Bracelet |Rings | Sweater | Bag | Booties

Ok I am not big on jumpsuits but fell for that ASOS one, I took the plunge and purchased it and I am hoping and praying that it fits well. To convince myself to buy something, I have to be able to think of 3 ways to wear on the spot. Seriously, it was just too easy with this black and white onesie. You can actually wear it to work if you leave your blazer or cardigan on all day, and if you have to grab drinks later with friends no need to change. Have a great one dolls!


Look 1: Necklace | Shoes | Bag
Look 2: Jacket | Necklace | Shoes | Bag 
Look 3: Belt | Bag | Watch | Booties
Working Girl #2

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