Neutral Ground

Hi guys, so today let me tell you about a little dilemma I’ve been having. I have not jumped on the wedges sneakers à la Isabel Marant but I do love the Nike Dunk Sky Hi. They are less bulky and with the same edge “at least in my opinion”. I’ve been eyeing them online for the past 9 months, but can seem to make up my mind. I’m still not sure I will get them, but I wanted to share and see what you guys think.

I’m thinking a darker color would be the safe to start with.Dark-dunk-sky-hi-wedges-black


A light color, I think they look more sporty


Better yet a colorful or printed pair.Fun-dunk-sky-hi-wedges-1


 I’m also been thinking about how I would wear them.


1: Cap || Shirt || Jeans || Sneakers
2: Varsity jacket || Chambray shirt || Denim skirt || Sneakers
3: Cable sweater || Leather leggings || Sneakers

 Love how Helena, Betty, Julie and Nicoletta wear their sneakers.


feature image here.

Would you wear Nike Sky Hi Dunk???


Neutral Ground

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