Broderie Anglaise
Plaid, Camel & Hot Pink

Hi guys, hope your week is off to a good start. It’s a busy one for me but I wanted to share some of my latest finds that I’m absolutely obsessed with.

I have a slight obsessions with sweaters, specially ones with graphics see proof here, here, here and here. I recently added the “sequin lip”, the “très cool” and J.Crew’s “horsing around” sweaters to my collection, and I must say Forever 21 has the cutest sweaters right now, and of course they’re inexpensive. Markus Lupfer makes the most beautiful sweater, as well as the iconic lip sequin sweater but they are all over $300 so the F21 ones will do for now. Remember the Fall Fashion GIVEAWAY ends today!

Graphic Sweaters

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I’ve heard about them, I’ve tried them and now I’m obsessed with the Nars lip pencils, they are so easy to apply and because it’s a pencil I am less prone to making mistakes. I usually end up with lipstick all over my fingers. They have a matte and satin finish.

Ever since I was gifted the Make-up Forever Pro-Finish foundation, I became a convert. I use it every single day, then I apply my concealer for reference I use #177 neutral caramel. Click on image to purchase.

Last week, I ran out of mascara so I decided to use the Maybelline Lash Discovery that I got for my bottom lashes because of the tiny brush. I was shocked, the smaller brush actually applies the mascara way better I didn’t have a single clump and my lashes tripled. And with the smaller brush you can get even closer to the roots without making a mess. For $7 do not hesitate, just get it. Click on image to purchase.


Last but not least, growing up baseball is something I only use to see in movies. Baseball is pretty much nonexistent in my homeland, but I always loved the baseball/varsity jackets. While browsing F21 this weekend I stumbled upon a varsity cardigan and that is a much better option for me and I cannot wait to style it. Sorry but I could not find it online, but I found tons of cute others. Click on image to purchase.



More of the Markus Lupfer sweaters like the ones in the featured image.

Broderie Anglaise
Plaid, Camel & Hot Pink

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