PS I Want It #6 :: Summer Dress


I love blogging and most of all I love reading other blogs. I’ve discover so many great one in my comments, while my hectic schedule prevents me from commenting on all of them I am the silent reader you don’t know about. And from now on I am making an effort to share my favorite links more often. And a special thank you to Sally McGraw for sharing my link in this post, make sure to check out her book. I received my copy last week and I love it.

1) Whitney‘s white and blue floral dress is so feminine and classic, she looks amazing. I think she looks a lot like Lauren Conrad, don’t you?

2) Ally masters casual glam with such ease.

3) I love these interior shots so much, great decor.

4) This is one of my favorite pink nail polish.

5) Ok guys, how FAB is this look, prefect styling.

6) You guys know how much I love denim on denim, Nancie is killing it.

7) Daisy‘s summer dress round up is so on point.

8) Great Father’s day gift guide.

9) I really need a wrap dress, and Joules‘s is so pretty.

10) Sexy and Sassy I love this outfit.

11) I love Agnes classic look,  it has J.Crew written  all over it.

12) Rachel‘s gives a great round up of products to get nice beachy waves.

13) So excited for Man of Steel, the new superman is dashing.

14) I just love Beyoncé’s tumblr how fab is this pic of her and baby Blue.


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Enjoy this video of Garance Dore, she’s hilarious. Featured image here

PS I Want It #6 :: Summer Dress

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